Disable Notifications for New Youtube Videos

Android users are very lucky that they have bundles of innovative features to use. Android customers have such glossy handy tools to watch latest movies; you tube videos and so on.  To be frank, you tube sends recommended notifications to android users. Know how to disable notifications to feel happy for internet browsing, video watching and picture downloading.

Follow Procedures of Disabling Notifications for New You-tube Videos

  • Find You-tube application option
  • Next to application settings
  • In the menu, the settings option is available
  • Notification to tap
  • Mobile notification on display
  • Disable the button of “ recommended videos”
Many fake sites send notifications to download hot videos from you-tubes. These instant notifications must be avoided to bring speed to your handset. Certainly, your handset should not be dirty with tons of unwanted videos collected from you tubes. Stop notifications immediately and use your handset freely.

Stop Notifications on Android 5.5

Immense notifications reduce the speed and clarity of the android handset. Block unnecessary notifications to hit your android device. In case you have smart android 5.0 or higher version, you will have quick notification blocker option. It is suitable to any android customer to block the notification entry.

Simple Steps to Block Notifications on Android 5.5

  • Go to “I” button to tap it for notification blocking
  • Then select “block” option to stop the overflow of the unnecessary you-tube notifications  
Well, certainly it is also necessary for an android lover to check devices before taking quick steps to block notifications on the i-device. Android customer care associates are also busy of handling lot of issues in relation to the notifications blocking.  Take help from them to manage the problem of getting frequent notification messages.
Notifications Blocking on Kitkat
Well, for Jellybean and Kitkat fans, the process is little bit different. Emulate tech procedures to make it much simpler to stop receiving notification messages. Use the finger to press the key longer to make it effective for you to reduce the backflow of notifications.
Find the application information to press the button of “show notification” and then lastly opt for the “ok” button.


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