The ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error is common while surfing the internet. It actually occurs when you have tried to reach a subdomain which doesn’t exist, or your computer is unable to find it. This kind of problem usually occurs when trying to open a particular site, and it technically means that the DNS (Domain Name System) name cannot be resolved. Mostly, this error occurs in the Google Chrome browser on your PC and there are many reasons for which the error might pop up. Usually, it is a misconfiguration issue with your PC. It can also be an issue with the website you were trying to reach. However, this error can be easily fixed using the simple but effective methods mentioned in this article.

  1. Flush the Socket Pools in Google Chrome-

The first thing which you can do is flush the pools of your browser. To do this, open your browser (Google Chrome Browser) and, in the address bar, type the command ‘chrome://net-internals’ and press Enter. Click on the drop-down menu and select Sockets. Click on ‘Flush Socket Pools,’ wait a few seconds, and restart your browser.

  1. Flush the DNS by Command Prompt or CMD-

Open Start Menu and go to the Command Prompt or simply Press Win+R and type ‘cmd.’ after the pop-up shows, type the following command “ipconfig/flushdns” and press Enter. Wait a few minutes for the process to complete and, when it’s done, your DNS will be flushed. Restart your computer after doing it.

  1. Change the Internet DNS Server-

Open Start Menu>Control Panel>Open Network and Sharing Center. There, go to ‘Local Area Connection’ and then to Properties.

Click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)’. Click on its Properties and tick ‘Use following DNS Server addresses’ and change ‘Preferred’ and ‘Alternative DNS Server’ like this- Preferred DNS Server-, Alternative DNS Server- Click ‘Validate settings upon exit’ and then click OK. It will take a few seconds and after this restart your computer. By doing this, the error can easily be resolved and improve your connection.

  1. Clear Caches and Cookies from your Browser

Open Google Chrome>Menu>History. Click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option, check the Cache and Cookies, and also empty the cache. Select ‘from the beginning’ and click ‘Clear Browsing Data.’ Wait for a few minutes, and it will clear all caches and cookies.

  1. Disable or Turn OFF Firewall settings-

Open Start Menu>Control Panel. Then go to Windows Firewall. From there, click on ‘Turn Windows Firewall on or off.’ Then tick on ‘Turn off Windows Firewall’ option, click OK, and your Firewall will be disabled.



  1. Windows in the Safe Mode-

Open Start Menu>click on Shut Down drop menu and select Restart. Remove your battery and reinsert it and start your windows again. Then you will see the option of restarting the system in Safe Mode, Click on it. Wait for a few minutes, and it will be done. Running the windows in safe mode resolves such errors.

  1. Ccheck your Internet Connection-

The simplest thing which you can do is to check whether you have a healthy and working internet connection connected to your Computer. If it does not then, make sure it does to fix the problem. Make sure the internet plugs are plugged in the right ways and ports. Most of the time errors like this occur because you have forgotten to look after such small things. So check whether you have an internet connection.

Such errors can be irritating but can also be resolved quickly. By following the simple methods mentioned in the article, you can fix your ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error and access your internet once again.


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