Error Failed To Play Test Tone Windows PC Speakers Issue

Error Failed to Play Test Tone is caused because of corrupted audio drivers. Damaging of windows system files & audio’s configuration are also the reasons for the failure. Because of this type of errors Window’s users are facing a lot of problems & it’s also affecting lots of window’s versions. These types of errors are something which no one likes to face.

Restarting The Windows Audio Service

  1. Press Windows Button & along with that Press the R key, you will see a dialog box called as Run.
  2. In that dialog box you have to write ‘services.msc.’ & then click the ok button.
  3. After clicking the ok button, you will find different types of services, from that services you have to scroll down to Windows audio, & click right on that windows audio, one menu will come, from that menu you have to click the restart & after clicking the restart from drop down menu, audio service will automatically restart.

Repairing The Tainted Windows Files

If any types of important files are bribed, then Windows 10 will cause issues in the PC & the speakers will be failed to engage the test tone. There are some steps for the corrupted files in the system to check & repair the system’s corrupted files:

  1. Then go to search box & write cmd

  1. After that, you have to Right click on the cmd & then many options will come, & among those options, you have to click on Run as Administrator. After that Command Prompt starts typing ‘sfc / scannow,’ after typing ‘sfc / scannow’ you have to press enter.

Some extra time will be taken for the processing before the verification is completed fully, & this might fix this issue of Playing Test Tones in Windows 10 of dell.

Changing Sample Rate

  1. Now you have to go to the right bottom corner & you have to choose Playback devices option.
  2. After clicking Playback devices option, one sound dialog box will come, in that dialog box click on playback tab & choose sound card & after that click on the properties.
  3. After that, you have to choose Advanced Tab & you will see different types of sound formats. The default sample rate is 16 bit, 44100 Hz, but you can change it to the other sample rates & bit depths. Then click on the apply button, after clicking apply you have to check the Play Test tone issue is solved or not in Windows 7 of 64 bit.

You could click restore defaults if sample rate wasn’t set as default. After that, you can check the audio is back or not.

Disabling The Audio Enhancements

  1. Go to the right bottom corner & right click on audio icon & choose Playback devices.

  1. After clicking Playback devices option, one sound dialog box will come, in that dialog box click on playback tab & choose sound card & after that click on the properties.
  2. After that select Enhancement tab & follow the steps as shown below:

Tick the box of Disable all enhancements option.

Click Apply button and you are done!

Reinstalling The Audio Drivers

The Play Test Tone problems occur due to audio driver’s corruption in Windows 7. So we can fix this issue by reinstalling the audio driver in the PC of Dell Windows 8.1.

  1. Then proceed to Device Manager.
  2. Device Manager will show many types of the menu, but you can go to the sound, video & game controllers & then right click onto audio device name & after that click Uninstall.
  3. after clicking on uninstall, the driver will be uninstalled, then restart your computer, after restarting the computer, the system will install the audio driver automatically. After reinstalling the audio driver, in case the Play Test Tone error stays in windows 7, then go to the driver site & download the latest driver of the audio & install that latest driver. You can find that driver on the website. If any problem is there in downloading manually, try to use the software “Driver Easy.”

Deleting KB974571 Update 

Many Windows 7 users claimed that ‘KB974571’ update was responsible for this problem. You just have to delete this manually, and this problem will be solved.


  1. Open Control Panel >switch to icons>find Programs and Features>Open this>click on View the installed updates>click on ‘KB974571’ update >choose to Uninstall option to remove this. You have to save your works because the computer might be needed to restart before the ending of the process.


Adding Local Service in Groups & Local Users

Such kind of issues is different from the audio problem, and this helped lots of users.



  1. Click Right on the My Computer>choose Manage option from drop-down menu.
  2. Double click on Local Users and Groups from the System Tools on the right side.
  3. Right, click on Administrators >choose to Add to group.
  4. Now you have to click on the Add, then Advanced and then Find Now.

Then double click onto Local Services. You will find NT Authority \ Local Services and click the option OK. Now you have to close Computer Management window, then restart your PC. Now the problem will be solved.


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