How to Fix the Error Code 18 in Your Windows PC?

Are you experiencing the Error Code 18? Are you unable to find any solution to this problem? Here is help for you to address the root cause and resolve this issue.

The Error Code 18 occurs whenever there is failure of the HTTPS registration page. The error also arises when there is issue with values within the switch parameter in exchange management shell. This happens when a state is being set for a command. The error can be in some other forms too, including potential virus infections, system crashes, and system freezes.

With Chrome, Error 18 is displayed without the website being loaded.

Underlying Causes

The common underlying causes behind Error Code 18 are:

  • Operation time out
  • Chrome error
  • Problem when loading a URL

Here are 12 methods to help you fix the Error Code 18 in Windows PC. Try all methods one by one to address the root cause.

1. Reinstalling Network Adapter

One way to fix the Error Code 18 is to reinstall the system’s network adapter.

  • Open ‘start’ menu and search for ‘run’
  • Open ‘run’ and type: ‘hdwwiz.cpl’ into it
  • Click ‘ok’
  • Look for ‘network adapters’ and expand it
  • Find the name of your network adapter
  • Note the name of the adapter
  • Right click on it and click on ‘uninstall’
  • Once the uninstall is complete, reboot/restart the system
  • Then reconnect to the network and test it
  • It is usually installed, else install it after downloading from the adapter’s official site
  • Reinstall the adapter and then run a test

2. Manually Assign DNS Address

Another way to resolve the Error Code 18 problem is to manually assign DNS address using the following steps:

  • Open the ‘start’ menu and then ‘control panel’
  • Click and open ‘open network and sharing center’
  • Open ‘properties’
  • Look for and click on ‘internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)’ in the popup
  • Click on ‘properties’
  • Check the box against ‘use the following DNS server addresses’
  • Set the following new values in the ‘preferred & alternative DNS server’

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternative DNS Server:

  • Check the box against ‘validate settings upon exit’
  • Click on ‘ok’
  • It will take a few seconds for the settings to be saved

3. Resetting TCP/IP

Another method to address the Error Code 18 in you Windows PC is to reset the TCP/IP.

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Search for ‘command prompt’ and open it
  • Type the following: ‘netsh int tcp reset resettcpip.txt’ into the command prompt
  • Press ‘enter’

4. Resetting Browser Settings

You can also resolve the Error Code 18 issue by resetting the web browser’s settings.

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Open the web browser
  • Open ‘settings’
  • Click on ‘show advanced settings’
  • Look for ‘reset browser settings’ and click on it

Close the tab and this should help in fixing the Error Code 18 issue.

5. Running Antivirus Program to Remove Malware

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Type and search for ‘Microsoft security essentials’ and open it
  • Check the option ‘full’
  • Click ‘scan now’

Let the scan run and once complete, close the window. Sometimes, the Error Code 18 is caused by a malware attack on your Windows PC.

6. Clearing Browser Cookies & Cache

  • Open the browser
  • Open ‘settings’ or open ‘history’
  • Click on ‘clear browsing data’
  • Check the box against ‘cookies’ and ‘caches’
  • You can also check against other options to delete them
  • Click on drop-down menu
  • Click on the option ‘from the beginning’
  • Click on the button ‘clear browsing data’

The deletion will take some time. If this is the underlying cause, the Error Code 18 can be fixed by clearing the cookies and cache.



7. Reset/Restart the Router

You may also be able to resolve the Error Code 18 issue by resetting or restarting the router.

Open the Router and click on the reset button.

8. Disabling/Turning Off Firewall

Another method to fix the Error Code 18 problem is to turn off or disable the Windows Firewall.

  • Open ‘start’ menu and then ‘control panel’
  • Open ‘Windows firewall’
  • Click on the option ‘turn Windows firewall on or off’
  • Check the box against ‘turn off Windows firewall (not recommended)’
  • Click ‘ok’

9. Delete Line within Hosts File

Another method to fix the Error Code 18 is to delete the line in hosts file. The steps involved are as following:

  • Open ‘notepad’
  • Open ‘file’ and then click ‘open’
  • This should open a popup
  • Then open the following location within the box: My Computer>Local Disk C:>Windows>System32>drivers>etc
  • Check the bottom right side and click on File type
  • Click on the option ‘all files’
  • Click on Hosts file and open it
  • Check for any Facebook URL that doesn’t open
  • Delete the line (It is important to delete that specific line, none else)
  • Click on save
  • Close notepad
  • Restart the Windows PC

10. Install Essential Certificate

Many times the underlying cause of the Error Code 18 is due to the absence of essential certificate. Install the required certificate using the following steps:

  • Open ‘start’ menu and ‘internet explorer’
  • Click on ‘internet options’
  • Click on ‘content’
  • Open the option ‘certificate’
  • Click on ‘intermediate certificate authorities’
  • Click on ‘import & install required certificate file’
  • You can also get it directly from the ‘WiFi provider company’
  • Click ‘apply’ and ‘ok’ and it’s done
  • Restart the Windows PC

11. Flushing the DNS using Command Prompt

  • Open ‘start’ menu
  • Open command prompt after searching for ‘cmd’
  • Type: ipconfig /flushdns and press ‘enter’

Let the command run and then close the tab. When you flush the DNS, it is highly likely to address the underlying cause and fix the Error Code 18.

12. Changing Internet LAN Settings

You can also fix the Error Code 18 by changing the Internet LAN settings. Ensure that the proxy server is properly working. This can be done by either checking with the network administrator or checking the proxy settings yourself.

Use the following steps to make use of a proxy server:

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Click on ‘settings’
  • Click on ‘show advanced settings’
  • Click on ‘change proxy settings’
  • Open ‘LAN settings’
  • Uncheck the option ‘use a proxy server for your LAN’

Close the tab and this should help in fixing the Error Code 18.

So these are the 12 different methods you can us to fix the Error Code 18. The method that works will depend on the underlying issue.


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