Use hashtags to boost your social media presence on Twitter

The most effective and the easiest way to get all your tweets noticed by twitter users can be done through the use Hashtags (#). To show all your post in relevant searches, hashtags simply adds search able keyword tags to the post. Also, they extend the tweets to reach external immediate network. Being clickable one, they immediately perform a quick search over all tweets that contains a particular hashtag keyword. 

social media presence on Twitter

In Twitter home feed, the most popular hashtags gets displayed on the Trends sidebar. You don’t need to use already existing hashtags to be familiar and grab  attention of the users. Even you can craft your own unique hashtags to bring attention to your tweets. From a  research it is found that more than 20% of the people employs hashtags to find and analyze  new products, brands or any other services. Then, why are still delaying? Set up a unique memorable hastags to promote your business effectively. 

As a major part of the Twitter chat, Hashtags can also be used to promote approaching chats in future and it offers a easy timeline for you and your audience to scrutinize the chat. Also, use popular hashtags to mention your brand, product and services. This surely offers a simple and quick way to switch over into relevant discussions, whatever it may be like thanking someone for their encouraging review or just for a healthy support.

Here is set of checklist that specifies the important and optimistic way to boost online presence over classy social media network, Twitter.

Single Word:

Single Word
Hashtag keyword

Make your Hashtag keyword as a single one that contains no punctuations or spaces. 

Case insensitive

In general, Hashtags are case insenstive. So be cautious in using hasttag keyword letters to make it light and different. Use #HelloWorld instead of #helloworld.

Test and analyze the Hashtags:

Let your hashtags to reach different people of various stages and backgrounds to make it popular. It is necessary to make your hashtags popular among many people. 

Make it simple and short:

Hashtags simple sucks the character limit of the tweet. So be cautious to trim down the length of the remaining message. Create short and efficient Hashtags as they can be also easily memorable by everyone.

Render a clear definition to your Tag:

Before choosing a tag for brand promotion, analyses whether it is already in practice for a wide range. Never get found to be hijacking others message. Also, prefer “tagdef” to assign a perfect definition to all your hashtags, so that others can find it easily.

Don’t act too smarter :

It is wise to be informative rather than being abstract. Craft a easily understandable keywords for the users convenience.

Be flexible:

Try to prefer a hashtag that can be used within the sentence and save your precious character limit. eg. Stated checking out new #arrivals of the year?

Patience renders a good value

Be patient and use your hashtags time and again  across wide Twitter network to boost to your sales and reach. Promote your organic tweets with regular replies and retweets. Try cross platform across Google plus and Facebook is also a clever idea to enhance the business and its reach.